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About Us

Grand Turkish Bazaar has founded in Istanbul in 2015.

Your online access to Turkey`s Unique Beauties in Grand Bazaar Istanbul. Online Shop for Turkey’s and World`s Oldest & Largest Covered Bazaar’s Authentic Home Goods, Delicious and unique Foods, Dinks’ Fashion & Artisty…

Our Marketplace does not only bring the stuff we love but the stories and the rich Turkish Culture that we adore.

Our personal interests to Delicious and unique Turkish Foods, Turkish DrinksTurkish Hancrafts, vintage, local artisans and small family owned shops makes Grand Turkish Bazaar, an one of a kind online marketplace.

With the enormous support of Grand Bazaar´s boutique owners and artisans, Grand Turkish Bazaar is growing quickly each day and aim to make a difference in people`s lives in a meaningful way.

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Grand Turkish Bazaar