Turkish Fruit Tea

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Turkish Fruit Tea is one of most famous touristic products of Turkey. Buy best quality Turkish Apple Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Orange Tea from Grand Turkish Bazaar Istanbul.

There are many different types of Fruit Tea products. Some are Granulated Turkish Apple Tea, Turkish Lemon Tea, Turkish Pomegranate Tea,  such as Hazer Baba Apple Tea, Hazer Baba Pomegranate Tea, Turko Baba Apple Tea products, Some are sachets of Apple Tea products such as Dogus Apple Tea, Dogadan Apple Tea and Lipton Apple Tea.

And also there are quality dried apple tea, powder fruit tea, powder pomegranate tea products which is brought to you by Grand Turkish Bazaar Istanbul. Apple Tea has it’s own unique flavour. You can feel yourself like traveling in Istanbul Streets and enjoying your apple tea glass at home.

Our Turkish Apple Tea products are made by anatolian producers, all are organic, no additives and no chemicals. You can buy and drink apple tea from us! We prepare and send all our apple tea products with express shipping worldwide from Istanbul.