Turkish Mosaic Lamps

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Mosaic Lamps also known as Turkish Lamp history dating back to Roman times continues to be both artistic and practical. With the mosaic feature used in various works, it is ensured that the works become much livelier and more interesting. Mosaic art is exhibited in paintings as well as religious buildings. While the use of mosaic lamps is still ongoing, it is also the best choice in terms of saving energy. So, how is a mosaic lamp made?

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Production Process

The mosaic lamp, which is very valuable due to the fact that all the elements are completely handmade in its construction, is obtained after a very long time. While it is a matter of using many different products, there is also no number of motifs that can be used on the surface. Products with originally designed motifs are much more interesting. It is predetermined how colored glasses in the form of large plates are made. Afterward, the glasses become much smaller with special scissors.

After being attached by hand, the processing phase of the glasses is started. While the mosaic lamp has a wide range in terms of usage areas, it should be remembered that the motifs on it will be revealed by the burning of the lamp. Therefore, a mosaic lamp should be created according to the area to be used. With the attachment of the apparatus, assembly operations are also terminated. Even the discovery of the candleholders exceeds 30 minutes, while the mosaic lamp is created after a long time. While different lighting techniques can be used in the interior, mosaic lamp types can also vary.

Where to use Turkish Mosaic Lamp

With the use of glass mosaic lamps, which have a historical structure, the beauty of the art of decoration is also obtained. There are also much smaller uses of mosaic lamps evaluated in the category of souvenirs. Apart from this, there may also be tiled mosaic lamps or suspended mosaic lamp options, while there are also models suitable for tabletop use. It is used in much larger spaces with a variety of chandelier mosaic lamps. Besides being much flashier, oxidation is done in the absence of color change on the glass part of the mosaic lamp, the size of which is sufficient. While the question of how to make a mosaic lamp in different ways can be answered, it can be obtained in a shimmering appearance with brightness.

Turkish Lamps Online

Check out our handmade glass and brass Turkish Mosaic Lamps in our online store. They create a warm ambiance. You can use them for decorating your house, office, or shop. Turkish mosaic hanging and floor lamps bring an eye-catching attraction to the place where you use them. Turkish Lamps are so chic and stylish. They are delightful gift alternatives for your loved ones. You can find a variety of Ottoman mosaic lamps with different colors and shapes in our online store. They can be lit electrically or by candle motives.

You can buy them online anywhere in the world thanks to Grand Turkish Bazaar express worldwide shipping. We send all your orders in special packages with express shipping worldwide. All of our products are made by artisans of Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. They use high-quality materials for their handmade products. They use special metal for lamps, which will not go black at all by oxidizing. Artisans of Grand Bazaar, Istanbul are also elaborate lamps with mosaic glass. We sell these unique Istanbul mosaic lamps from where is the center of the Turkish glassmaking destination to the world.

Making such colorful lamps is an old tradition, that comes from Ottoman Empire. It is made with little colored glass pieces, sticking them around to a lamp. Glass pieces’ quantity used while making determines the quality. Also, you should check the color of the glasses for quality. People can paint glass pieces. You should prefer the original color glass.

Where to buy Turkish Lamps

If you are thinking about where to buy handmade mosaic lamps at the best prices, they are only available at Grand Turkish Bazaar. There are many different types of lamps such as table lamps, mosaic candleholders, mosaic chandeliers, and wall lamps.

Here, you can watch how to make mosaic Turkish Lamps by hand;

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