Mosaic Lamps handmade by Turkish artisans of Grand Bazaar. Best quality Mosaic Turkish Lamps are made in Grand Bazaar Istanbul. You can buy mosaic lamp from grand turkish bazar with express shipping. There are many different types of lamps such as table mosaic lamps, mosaic candle holders, mosaic chandeliers, mosaic wall lamps. Also there are handmade chopper lamps called as telkari mosaic lamp or telkari lamp. Also you can find Morroccan lamps on our website.

Making such colourful lamps is an old tradition comes from Ottoman Empire to use Mosaic Lamp. It is made with little colour glass pieces sticking them around to a lamp glass. The quality of Mosaic Lamps is determined with how many pieces used while making, how colourful the lamp has made, if the glass pieces are coloured by paint or original colour glass pieces and so on. We deliver all your orders worldwide with express shipping.