Traditional Turkish Drinks

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Traditional Turkish Drinks

Turks are a very important nation that has existed for thousands of years ago and continues to exist. In this context, Turkish cuisine has always developed. Because the situation brought about by poverty has enabled different foods to be tried and created creativity. The beverage issue is the same. So, what are traditional Turkish drinks?

Being a Turk is a sense of belonging where cultural values ​​are experienced at the highest level. Knowing the presence as well as the absence means being harnessed to the aid of those who need help. Today, tourists come to Turkey in the best way they see it. Because the feeling of hospitality and help has always existed in Turks. The catering culture is also very wide. So, what are the traditional drinks that Turks consume and offer?


Sherbet, one of the most precious drinks of Ottoman cuisine, is a drink that Turks always consume. Sherbet made from the essence of fruits is both natural and very beneficial. As you can imagine, it does not contain any additives. Therefore, tourists are sure to taste the sherbet on a visit to Turkey.

Turkish coffee

Turkey is not a country that plants coffee and has a suitable climate. However, Turkish coffee has become so famous that all nations are sick of Turkish coffee, so to speak. However, the status of being famous here comes not from production but from preparation. Because we have such a famous coffee because we grind the coffee beans we buy in different ways and turn them into powder. For this reason, tourists always try Turkish coffee with Turkish delight. There are also different versions of Turkish coffee. These versions are also always varied. You can also examine our content named “What is Gastronomy Tourism”.


One of the drinks that Turks have loved since the Ottoman culture is sahlep. Its preparation, its health benefits, and that inner warming effect of winter months carry sahlep to a different place. It is one of the drinks that tourists love to consume. It also adds more harmony to the taste when sprinkled with cinnamon.

Salgam – Turnip Juice

One of the very useful vegetables grown in Ereğli district of Konya province is undoubtedly the black carrot. Although it does not grow only in Ereğli, the fertile soil and climate of Ereğli are more suitable for black carrots. Ereğli has always been at the top of our black carrot exports to the world. Then we cannot finish by counting the benefits of black carrots. Its essence is turnip. Turnip is made of black carrots, and the best quality black carrot is grown in Ereğli. Turnips, which are hot, spicy, or sour types, are often consumed with kebabs. Tourists are also very interested in the turnip. You can also examine our content named “Features of Gaziantep Cuisine”.


Boza is also one of the most frequently consumed beverages in Turkey. Especially in the 17th century, boza was consumed so much that there would be hundreds of boza makers in a city. As such, boza has become an important Turkish drink. Boza, which is mostly made of millet, draws attention to its usefulness. Since it has a different taste, tourists definitely want to experience brown bears. Although consumed frequently during the winter months, it is a preferred drink for warming up. In this context, its benefit is understood more clearly.

Other Traditional Turkish Drinks

There are also many different beverages such as rose hip, sage, and linden. These drinks are also the drinks consumed by the Turks from the past to the present.

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