Candied Chestnuts - Marron Glace

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Candied Chestnuts also known as marron glacé or in Turkish kestane sekeri, is a special sweet made from chestnut. Best quality chestnuts are collected from Bursa city and made Best Quality Candied Chestnuts from Turkey’s most famous brands.

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About Marron Glacé, Candied Chestnuts, or Kestane Sekeri

Glacé chestnuts are a mixture of sweet syrup and chestnuts. Candied chestnut is one of the most famous desserts in Turkey. It has a very useful feature also; it delays the feeling of hunger, naturally. Due to its own natural sugar syrup, it is very sweet and is a source of energy.

How is Marron Glacé made?

The Candied Chestnut recipe is not an easy deal. Firstly, the chestnut’s hard outer shells should be peeled off with a knife. Then you should leave chestnuts in hot water for removing the hairy crust before the self-separation. Filter the water and take the chestnuts to another pot.

After that point, you may follow two types of construction: The first type is made by boiling the chestnuts and dipping them into boiling syrup. The second type is placing raw chestnuts in a saucepan and pouring hot sugar on top of them. After, boil them for about 30 minutes and continue on low heat for extra two hours.

After, left chestnuts for 1 day to cool and draw the sherbet thoroughly.

Next day, place them over a very low fire and make them boil for a few more minutes until it is thoroughly absorbed the syrup.

In the end, take chestnuts away from the stove and let them cool to be ready to serve.

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