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Pestil: Traditional Taste of Turkish Cuisine

Pestil is one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine. It is a food item that was prepared in summer and dried in the sun to be consumed in winter in the past years. Thanks to their high nutritional value, pestil products are frequently consumed during the winter months as they increase body resistance. You can find everything you wonder about this sweet taste in the rest of our article.

Which Region Does Pestil Belong To?

To offer a unique taste and fruit flavor to its consumers, the fruit pulp is one of the sweet delicacies consumed with pleasure in almost every region of Turkey. In Gümüşhane, which is registered by the Turkish Patent Institute, pestil production has become a sector in itself. Pestil is a type of churchkhela, which comes from Georgia originally.  The pestil varieties produced in different ways from different fruits in the province of Gümüşhane have a taste that is famous all over the world with its flavor.

What is Pestil, and How is it Made?

The delicious pestil products were made centuries ago to consume fruit products outside the season. This is a traditional flavor that has reached today. Pestil is a foodstuff produced by blending fruits with high sugar content such as mulberry, grapes, and sour cherries with milk, molasses, and flour after being picked and cleaned in season.

The pulp of the fruits collected in a full season is removed and weights are placed on it to ensure that the thin layer is not spoiled. The fruits with flowing water and the remaining pulp start to stick to each other over time thanks to the sugar in them. The pulp begins to dry and harden due to the sun over time and is squeezed until it reaches a dough-like consistency. In about 8–10 days, depending on the water and sugar density of the fruit, the pulp becomes ready.

The pulp produced is collected in thin layers without breaking, and it is either cut in a square shape or packaged in a roll. Today, there are varieties of fruit pulp products produced by brands serving in the food industry as plain pestil, walnut pestil, hazelnut pestil, or almond pestil. Pestil products produced by food brands are offered to consumers in different forms.

What are the Benefits of Pestil?

In addition to its aroma and flavor, fruit pulp varieties are food items that provide numerous benefits for the human body thanks to their rich nutritional content. We have compiled the benefits of fruit pulp, a powerful source of energy, for you.

Churchkhela varieties produced from different fruits help to strengthen and helps to regulate the effect on the immune system thanks to their high content of vitamins and minerals.
The fruit pulp is a powerful antioxidant for the human body, thanks to its high content of selenium.

The fruit pulp, which is a strong source of zinc, helps to prevent infertility problems in men thanks to the zinc in its content when consumed regularly.

Pestil varieties are rich in terms of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium as well as zinc. For this reason, fruit pulp products not only help to support bone development if consumed regularly but also helps to prevent joint and bone disorders that will occur at later ages.

Pestil products rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, and K, which have an important role in the regeneration of the cells and tissues of the body, also benefit the protection of the body’s water balance.

Thanks to its rich nutritional value, fruit pulp also has an important role in helping to increase body energy.

Walnut Sausage, Cevizli Sucuk, or Churchkhela

Walnut Sausage is also known in different regions in our country by names such as cevizli sucuk, churchkhela, maraş soudjouk, köme, şaran, bandırma and sugar sausage. When we get to the border with Turkey, Georgians Çurçhel (çurçh’el a) The Russians say they Orcik. The dessert, which is known to be used as a winter food with its plenty of vitamins in Artvin, has gained popularity by reaching various regions with the people who migrated from Artvin during the mobilization. In this city, it is also made with various fruits such as grape and mulberry must, plum, date, kiwi, and apple. The high nutritional value of the walnut in its content reveals the benefits of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and thiamine.

When we examine the walnut sausage in general, it can be seen that it is energetic with the presence of grape must and molasses. Looking at its place in history, the Ottoman sultans knew it as food that gave energy and intelligence and consumed it in abundance. This sweet sausage, which can be found in most markets, is also very easy to make.

Walnut Sausage

How to Make Walnut Sausage?

Ingredients: Walnuts, 3 cups molasses, water, 1 cup starch, 6-7 tablespoons flour, 1 cup hot water

First, walnuts are passed on the yarn that is passed through the quilting needle. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to stitch and embroider to do this. When the walnuts are soaked in a little water, they can be easily passed through the rope. Molasses is added to the pot and then starch is added. After adding the flour, it should be mixed and expected to boil.

The mixture, which should be thicker than boza in terms of consistency, can be opened by adding hot water and mixing if it is too solid. As the last step, the walnuts are put on a rope and left to dry by being covered with the mixture in the pot.

Note: There is approximately 322 kcal per 100gr. Bon Appétit.

Where to Buy the Best Pestil and Walnut Sausage Products?

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