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Turkish Slimming tea known by the public as form tea are actually herbal tea. While form herbal teas do not have a direct effect on slimming, they help to weaken with indirect effects. It is known that the plants in these teas known as slimming tea help to weaken thanks to their effects such as accelerating metabolism and regulating the digestive system by increasing blood circulation.

As with all herbal teas, it is important to purchase packaged products in the form teas. The storage conditions of plants, whether necessary analyzes are made, etc. should be inspected and approved at every stage from production to consumption. Exceeding the dosage of some herbs may bring harm instead of benefit. On the other hand, it will reduce the effect of consuming herbal teas less than it should be. For this reason, herbal teas are prepared in packaged products according to the weight determined in the light of scientific data.
Another issue to be considered in form herbal teas is the usage times. Form herbal teas are recommended to be consumed after meals in order to be effective. This is because food in the stomach is needed to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to helping slimming natural herbal teas, it is offered to consumers with a variety of aromatic flavors to be delicious and appeal to every taste.

Natural Herbal Form Tea: It is one of the most popular and effective form herbal teas. There are 9 useful varieties of plants that speed up metabolism. It consists of rosemary, mate, shrub, gunpowder bark, green tea, pestle, iron thistle, nettle, and thyme plants.

Dogadan Mix Form Tea: Nature’s form is the simplest form of herbal tea. It consists of cassia leaf, birch, juniper, cornflower, yarrow, calendula flower, and elderberry flower. The plants inside are effective in reducing appetite, regulating the digestive system, and removing the excess water in the body.

Form Herbal Tea with Apricot: It contains cassia, shrub, apricot flavor identical to nature, cherry stalk, fennel, anise, gunpowder bark, nettle, rose hip, yellow corn, yarrow, bean husk, juniper fruit, and apricot particle. Apricot is a fruit that gives a feeling of satiety besides giving a pleasant aroma. It is also known that apricot contributes to the intestines and the work of the digestive system. Apricot form herbal tea has a sweeter-sourish smell and aroma than other herbal teas thanks to its real apricot pieces.

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