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Turkish Honey is world famous because of its unique nature and herbs all around the country.

Honey is considered one of the most useful foods consumed for thousands of years. Due to the diversity of vegetation, Turkey obtained the most valuable honey beekeeping it is one of the most important centers. The flavors and nutritional values ​​of honey differ according to the nectar of the flower from which honey is obtained. There are many types of honey such as chestnut honey, lime honey, pine honey, flower honey, Anzer honey, mad honey, karakovan honey, acacia, thyme honey, lavender honeycomb, and billet that appeal to different palate tastes. The quality of the honey is classified according to the color, taste, smell, and chemical properties of the nectar where honey is produced.

What are the Honey Types?

In almost every region of Turkey, it found natural varieties of honey with indigenous characteristics. Honey can be classified as a flower or honeydew according to the source it is obtained from. Unlike other honey types, pine honey, which is in the category of secretion honey, is not obtained from flower nectar. It is a special honey called Basra obtained by the processing of the sugar secretion of an insect living on a pine tree by bees. It is found only in coastal parts of Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean regions in the world.
Due to the width of the production area, the most consumed honey is usually flower honey. Flower honey can only be obtained from one plant or a mixture of different herbs. Naming like spring and summer depending on the season or Anzer and plateau depending on the production area is also common in honey. The honey can be filtered, pressed, filtered or pure honey according to the preparation technique. It can be sold as raw honeycomb without being filtered. Honey prices and varieties may vary depending on the type of honeycomb. Honeycombs are honey made up of wax and offered for sale by over 80%. Honey, known as Karakovan honey, is sold with a 100% glazed and natural frame.

What is the Best Honey

Flower honey is a broad category of honey. Flower honey can take different names depending on the characteristics of the region. Its flavor, color, and intensity may vary. The chemical properties and harvest time of honey nectar are decisive for honey prices. Honey obtained from endemic plants usually has a higher price tag. The variety of flowers that bees collect in nectar also affects honey quality. As the number of flowers increases, the flavor of honey is enriched. For this reason, honey obtained from the Eastern Black Sea plateaus, where vegetation is rich, is among the highest quality flower honey with the most flower variety. Chestnut honey with an intense aroma and dark brown color is obtained from the flowers of the chestnut tree, which blooms throughout June. Compared to flower honey, it has a sharper, acrid, and chestnut-specific taste. Linden honey is darker than flower honey and lighter than chestnut honey. It is an aromatic honey with the unique smell of linden flowers. Since chestnut and lime trees bloom in the same period, chestnut-lime honey can also be found.

How to Understand Real Honey?

The quality of the honey varieties is evaluated according to the plant from which they are obtained and the chemical components of the honey. Honey obtained from different regions has different chemicals. According to the regulation, real honey is natural honey produced by bees by processing natural nectar and without any additives and sugar syrup to bees or honey during the production period. All honey used with additives is classified as false honey. Additive honey is the honey that bees are fed with syrup or added to the honey syrup during or after production, and fall under the category of false honey. Artificial honey, on the other hand, is a mixture of flavors, sugar syrups, and other additives without bees in the production stage. Whether honey is real can only be determined by laboratory tests. Therefore, it is important to always choose certified honey from trusted brands when purchasing honey.

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Points to Consider When Buying and Consuming Honey

  • When buying honey, be careful not to buy labeled and packaged honey.
  • Natural honey does not mean organic honey. Not all-natural honey may be produced in accordance with organic farming regulations. When purchasing organic honey, you need to make sure that it is certified. The organic honey logo is on the label of organic honey.
  • Honey, whose plant source, region, region, and type of honey are specified in its packaging, should be purchased.
  • Honey should not be given to children under 1 year.
  • All processes of organic honey from packaging and filling stages until reaching the consumer should be in a clean and dry environment. Honey should be protected from sunlight and should be kept under 25 °C.
  • When purchasing honey with honey, at least 80% of the honeycomb must be glazed.
  • Should be consumed within 3 years from the date of production.
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