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Turkish Spice are the most important ingredient in Turkish cuisine to cook and serve delightful foods. They are also known as Turkish blends or Turkish seasonings. Here are some herbs and spices that you can buy online and their intended use;

Turmeric spice: Turmeric is a tropical plant in the ginger family (Zingiberaceae) with narrow, pointed leaves and yellow flowers. You can use its dried and ground root in meat, fish, and egg dishes.

Sumac spice: People make this spice from the ground berries of a small tree that grows in Southeast Anatolia. It has a sour flavor. You can use sumac as a souring agent in kebabs and some salads.

Saffron (Safran): Saffron imparts an intense yellow color to foods to which you add. It has a sharp, slightly bitter flavor. You can use saffron in some soups and seafood soups, pilafs, and in desserts. It does not dissolve in olive oil. You can also use saffron in a zerde dessert.

Mint (Nane): You can use mint in foods ranging from soups to vegetable dishes. You can add mint to lamb and mutton, and also you can use it in salads.

In spice sets, you can find Turkish spice mix like black pepper, curry, sumac, fennel, Indian saffron, mint, chili, cumin, black seed, sweet red pepper, ottoman spices, etc. You can use some of these spices for seasoning mix or seafood seasoning. And you can make your own spice blend.

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