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Top Quality Legumes and Their Prices

Legumes, also known as bakliyat in Turkish, are frequently preferred in food making and continue to be indispensable tastes of Turkish tables. These products, which are served organically and freshly, especially by legume companies, are presented in special boxes and jars. All legumes are home to popular tastes, as they are stored under suitable storage conditions.

Turkish Chickpeas

Turkey’s most famous and most delicious chickpeas, meet with buyers with two and five kilos. These products, which are extremely rich in fiber, are also ideal for diet-focused diets. It also has the properties of being nutritious in terms of protein and carbohydrates. Chickpeas are different from stale and mixed chickpeas with their quick cooking time. Chickpeas collected from the field with traditional methods are the first product that can be considered the best pulses.

Turkish Red Lentils and Product Features

Local red lentils, which are produced using completely local seeds, can be preferred in making soup. It does not go through an extra chemical and lubrication process like other products. It is the cheapest legume variety that those who want to eat organic in its most natural form can order and have within the same week. In addition to its intense and thick flavor, it is also a natural healing source against winter diseases.

Dry Bean Varieties and Prices

Another legume product that is frequently ordered along with rice is dried beans. Buyers who want to cook a combination of rice and beans can order both products at the best prices. Produced from an extremely rare seed called Atalık, beans are also extremely easy to cook. The prices of legumes, which are suitable for everyone’s purchasing power, are at a level to include dry beans. All the beans are produced and packaged by legume brands based on the health criteria demanded by the consumers.

Buy Legumes at The Cheapest Prices

All legumes on our Grand Turkish Bazaar online address are now with you at the cheapest sales prices. You can add the products to your cart to order immediately.

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