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Turkish Delight Recipe

Turkish Delight Recipe

Turkish Delight Recipe is a popular search, recently on the internet. The sweetest member of the Turkish cuisine, the best gift to be given, the best fellowship with coffee, a nostalgia for childhood, reason of loving festivals… Delight known as Turkish Delight is a very popular and unique dessert. There are dozens of things to […]

10 Interesting Facts About Turkish Coffee

Facts About Turkish Coffee 3

Here we collected 10 interesting and cool facts about Turkish Coffee for you: 1. Turkish coffee is the world’s oldest method of coffee cooking.   2. Turkish coffee stays warm for longer thanks to its foam.   3. Since it is presented in a thin-edged cup, it cools later than other coffees.   4. It […]

All About Hafiz Mustafa and His Centennial History

Hafiz Mustafa Taksim Store

History of Hafiz Mustafa dates back to the 19th century. There were famous Anatolian confectioners in 19th century Istanbul. Those who came to the capital from the barren towns of Anatolia would probably turn to this branch of profession in solidarity with their fellow countrymen. İsmail Hakkı Bey, who came from the central town of […]

Turkish Delight History and Benefits

The name of Turkish delight is derived from the word “rahat-ul-hulküm” in Arabic. This word means “sore throat”. Of the nearly 600 years since it is manufactured in Turkey and within our traditional desserts. Although it first appeared in the 15th century, it entered the Ottoman palaces in the 17th century. The reason for being […]

All About Baklava and It’s History

Carrot Slice Baklava

  History of Baklava If you look for information on baklava on the Internet, you will face not only the Turks but the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean, and almost all the peoples of the Balkans. Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Jews, Arabs, Baklava as their traditional sweet. Considering that the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and the […]