10 Interesting Facts About Turkish Coffee

Here we collected 10 interesting and cool facts about Turkish Coffee for you:

1. Turkish coffee is the world’s oldest method of coffee cooking.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 1


2. Turkish coffee stays warm for longer thanks to its foam.

xFacts About Turkish Coffee 2


3. Since it is presented in a thin-edged cup, it cools later than other coffees.

Since it is presented in a thin-edged cup, it cools later than other coffees


4. It is accepted as the only coffee, serving as boiled by coffee enthusiasts.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 4


5. It contains less caffeine than other coffee types.


6. It is unique because its grounds collapse spontaneously and do not need to be filtered.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 6


7. It is healthy because its grounds does not drink.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 7


8. In the past, the reason for the water being given next to the coffee was that if the guest prefers coffee first means guest is not hungry, if guest prefers water, means guest is hungry and hosts serve food accordingly.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 8


9. Turkish coffee is the only type of coffee used to tell the future with a coffee fortune.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 9


10. During the request of a girl from the family, the brides add salt to the coffee they serve to the groom.

Facts About Turkish Coffee 10


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