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Kilim Bags and Suzani Bags are traditional Turkish Products. Kilim bags are made with kilim motives and handmade by Anatolian artisans. Our items are made by Grand Bazaar Istanbul Artisans. Suzani bags have traditional ottoman motives and Turkish motives on them. They have an authentic and vintage look. All our handmade items are produced in Turkey carefully and with love. They are durable, quality, and stylish.

Kilim motives, suzani motives, Turkish motives, and ottoman motives are very famous and stylish with your lovely clothes in all seasons.

You can buy kilim handbags, kilim backpacks, suzani handbags, suzani backpacks, handmade handbags, handmade purses, and handmade backpacks with an express shipping option from Grand Turkish Bazaar. We ship our items worldwide!

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