Turkish Tea Pots

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Turkish Tea Pots are the most important part of brewing traditional Turkish tea and where the aroma of Turkish tea begins. Tea Pots (Caydanlık) have two boiler kettles. Smaller upper kettle and larger lower kettle. Put water into the larger lower kettle to boil and put black tea in the lower kettle. After you boiled the water, put some of the boiled water into the lower kettle. With the heat of boiling water in the lower kettle, tea is brewing slowly and perfectly.

You can brew the best Turkish tea just only with quality Turkish tea and Tea Pot. A quality teapot should be made from quality materials, such as thick copper or thick steel. The most important factor for the teapot is to distribute heat equally all over it. That’s why material is so important for the Turkish Tea pot set.

Are you looking for where to buy a Turkish teapot? Then take a look at our online store Grand Turkish Bazaar where worldwide express shipping is available. Worldwide express shipping gives you the opportunity to find Turkish teapots for sale in Canada, Australia, the UK, or any other country.

Grand Turkish Bazaar gives you the opportunity to have high-quality products from Grand bazaar, Istanbul. Also, there are different kinds of Tea Pots available in our online shop. For example, stainless steel or glass. You can make delicious Turkish Tea with them. Also, they will bring an elegant and decorative style to your kitchen.

All our teapots are made in Turkey and have quality certified.

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