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Turkish Nuts are called Kuruyemis in Turkey. Anatolia has a wide variety of nuts from different regions of Turkey. At grandturkishbazaar.com, we collect the best quality nuts from all over Turkey and deliver them to you as fresh and as delicious as possible.

Turkish Nuts Types

Nuts varieties, which have special importance in Turkish cuisine culture, are now in the relevant categories with their discounted prices. These products, which are taken care of to be fresh, are specially packaged by dried fruit companies. Mixed packages that contain all kinds of nuts are also frequently preferred and demanded. Cargo is sent free of charge to those who complete their shopping above a certain price. No chemicals were used in their production and storage conditions, and these products are consumed in order to be both delicious and healthy.

Nuts products, divided into two, roasted and raw, are waiting for their new buyers in the best nuts category. They are extremely healthy types of nuts that remain completely fresh in their own fat and do not contain any extra fat. Since it is presented in special vacuum packaging, it can be eaten with the freshness of the first day after opening. Since the raw versions are consumed without salt, it is another type that people with blood pressure problems can consume in a healthy way. These products, which have high nutritional value in terms of magnesium and copper, are also very good for hair and skin health. The varieties that reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol are among the most consumed nuts with their flavor.

Mixed Dried Nuts and Package Contents

For those who want nuts, there are nuts packages offered in much cheaper options. Apart from cashews, these packages include almonds, chickpeas, walnuts, and peanuts with sesame, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds. These products, which offer tastes suitable for everyone’s taste in the same package, are also served with the same health guarantee. The taste of the nuts does not interfere with each other, as they are passed through special processes in packaging.

For those who wish, product varieties with hazelnuts and shelled peanuts or mixed nuts can be purchased without paying the price difference. Buyers who click on the product images can get detailed information about nuts prices and discounts. There are all-nuts cookie brands on our site. The nuts price list is quite affordable from other sites. Thanks to our dried nuts online sales page, we solve the problem of where to buy nuts. You can order the best quality Turkish Nuts from us, and we make delivery to your doorstep worldwide with express delivery.

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