Floss Halva (Pismaniye)

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What is Pismaniye?

Pismaniye, also known as floss halva, is one of the most famous desserts in Turkey.
This food, which is one of the must-have festivities and feasts of the Kocaeli and Izmit region, takes its name from Iran. Pismaniye is the Turkish version of the word “pashmak” in Persian. The dessert is called “pashmak” because it looks like sheep wool.

Pismaniye is said to have been made by Kandirali Hayrettin Usta for the first time. The widespread distribution and marketing of the pismaniye happened thanks to an Armenian master named Şekerci Hacı Agop Dolmicheyan.

Pismaniye history and narrations.

Although the past is not known with exact dates, the start of this dessert dates back to the 1400s.
It was known as the floss halva in the Kastamonu region, which was still known as “met halva” in the Kastamonu region, where the pismania was known as “tel helva” in the Kastamonu region at that time, it was continued as a pismaniyein the Ottoman era, and was made as a social and cultural activity in the palaces. It is among the rumors.

There are many more rumors about why this dessert is called pismaniye. When we look at Ana Britannica, it was named “pashmak” in Iran, which was the first place it was made, and it has passed into our language as a jam, and this is the strongest rumor.

Pismaniye, which is among the indispensable gifts of everyone traveling between cities, served at the festivals and was introduced to the people of Kocaeli by the Armenian masters who came from Iran and Armenia in 1601-1611 and settled around Izmit. Pismaniye, which was made by Hayrettin Usta of Kandirali for the first time, was developed by Şekerci Hacı Agop Dolmicheyan, who remained in Kocaeli, one of the Armenian masters of that time, and has been brought to this day.

How is Pismaniye made?

It tastes as good as the image, which attracts even those who have never eaten before with its top cotton look. This dessert, which is easy to eat but difficult to make, is made from margarine, vanilla (cocoa by type), lemon salt, sugar, flour, and water. The material is small, but the real deal is the ingenuity, of course.

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When it is difficult to get tough and to keep its consistency, we are sure you wonder how it is made instead of making it at home, so let’s watch it immediately.

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