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Turkish cuisine is very popular with its various sauces, pickles, and pastes. Every different region in Turkey created its own sauce and pickles culture.

Turkish Sauces

Turkish Sauces are important in giving a unique taste to Turkish foods. There are various types of sauces that differentiate in every region. Nar eksisi, also known as pomegranate sour, is one of the most famous of them. Nar eksisi comes from Hatay region of Turkey. Which is produced from seasonal pomegranates, boiled for a long time, and filtered from its water. You can find the best quality Turkish Pomegranate sour, nar eksisi products in Turkey. There are breakfast sauces such as menemen sauce, acuka, ajvar, lutenitsa, and much more.

Turkish Pickles

It is very popular to make pickles in Turkey. Turkish Pickles, known as Tursu in Turkish. Turks prepare pickles at the end of the summer season with fresh vegetables to prepare for winter. From cucumber pickles to white cabbage pickles and small pepper pickles and much more are varieties of Turkish Pickles.

Turkish Pastes

Another traditional way of preparing for winter is making pastes. In Turkey, the most common pastes are tomato paste and pepper paste, which is called Salca in Turkish. Turkish Pastes, Salca is made with seasonal Turkish tomatoes and Turkish peppers, boiled for a long time and filtered from remaining water, salted, and stored in hygienic glass jars.

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