Turkish Breakfast

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Turkish breakfast

  • Turkish breakfast is very rich.
  • Turks eat a lot of things together for breakfast. They don’t like to have a simple breakfast.
  • Going to a restaurant or someone’s home for breakfast in Turkey is very common.
  • Turks drink tea, not coffee, for breakfast. After breakfast, they drink Turkish coffee.
  • Turks also eat some vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers for breakfast.
  • In Turkey, “olive” is eaten at breakfast.
  • Bagels, cheese, and tea are the Turkish favorite things for breakfast.

Turkish Breakfast

What is in the Turkish Breakfast?
It will surely be cheese and even more than one type of cheese. Olive, jam, honey, cream, butter, tomato, cucumber, dried fruits, sausage egg, bagel, pastry, etc. There may be many foods such as sweet and savory. Generally, breakfasts made on weekends are richer.

Turkish Tea is a Must

There is always tea for breakfast. A breakfast without tea is unthinkable. Turks have no habit of drinking coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning. When they get up in the morning, they first brew tea. Tea is made in a container called a “teapot” and left to brew. Tea bags are not preferred. Tea is drunk throughout breakfast.

Turks like to drink tea in small glass glasses. This has the cup in almost every home in Turkey. Tea in Turkey, only smoking at breakfast. It can be drunk any time of the day.

Turks do not only like to drink tea, but also offer tea. Many Turks offer tea to their guests at their homes and workplaces. This is a tradition. During home visits, they offer foods such as cakes, pastries, and cookies along with tea. In some restaurants, waiters serve tea after the meal. Sometimes, “would you like?” They offer tea without asking. Because almost everyone drinks tea. It is a habit for Turks to drink tea, especially after a meal.

Go for Breakfast

Since breakfast is an important and enjoyable meal for Turkish people, going to someone’s home or a restaurant for breakfast is a social activity. Breakfast is served in many restaurants, especially at weekends, would be in Turkey. These restaurants are usually visited by peers and have long breakfasts.

Turks love to eat in restaurants or at home by chatting with their friends. When they go to a restaurant, they don’t eat and get up right away; because for Turks the aim is not only to eat but to socialize. This is done with long conversations at the dining tables.

In Turkish culture, as in many cultures, it is common to take something to eat at someone’s home while going to dinner. This also applies to breakfast.

Turkish Breakfast from Turkey

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