Turkish Sucuk and Pastirma

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Turkish Sucuk and Pastirma are types of dry-cured traditional meat products. Turkish people widely consume both of them.

Sucuk is a type of dry, spiced sausage that is somewhat similar to salami. Both sucuk and salami have three same features. These features are being salty, dry, and having a high-fat content. How to make Turkish sucuk? In sucuk recipe, there are Turkish spices such as garlic, salt, cumin, sumac, and red pepper. People add these spices before piping sucuk into a sausage casing.

Pastirma or Turkish bacon is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef. People make pastirma usually with beef meat. They may use different cuts of meat. A single cow can produce 26 different “types” of pastirma. Fillet, shank, leg, and shoulder cuts are used for the best quality pastirmas. People usually make pastima during the months of October and November.

In Turkish cuisine, Turkish people eat pastirma and sucuk as breakfast dishes. It is a common ingredient for omelets. Or they may serve as an appetizer on small plates. You can also use pastirma as a topping for hamburgers. You can use pastirma and sucuk as an ingredient for your hot dishes.

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