Fresh Turkish Baklava

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Turkish Baklava is Turkey’s most famous national dessert. You can find a baklava shop almost at every corner in Turkey. We sell Fresh BaklavaTurkey’s Best Quality  Turkish Baklava Online from Grand Bazaar Istanbul.

Turkish Baklava near me

Wondering Where to buy baklava? Or maybe you are looking for online baklava shop. History of Baklava comes from Ottoman Empire. In many countries it is named as Baklava, Baklawa or Turkish Baklava. Baklava Dessert family includes different varieties. We supply our baklava from Turkey’s most popular Baklava factory. Karakoy Gulluoglu Baklava is one of our supplier. We also supply our baklava from Hafiz Mustafa Baklava shops. Both are more than 50 years companies.

Main baklava ingredients are Pistachio and Walnut.

There are many different varieties such as Turkish Pistachio Baklava, Walnut Baklava, Palace Baklava and to store longer, there is Dry Baklava. As a shape, there are square baklava, round baklava, triangle baklava (muska) or Carrot Slice Baklava.

While preparing this dessert, Baklava Chefs prepare thin doughs. So thin that you can see the other side of the dough. The perfect baklava is made as thin doughs at it can. Also, leaves of these doughs should not stick together. As you bite a piece of turkish desserts baklava, you should hear the crispy sound and it should stick your tongue. This is the real proof of a quality baklava. The sweet of the baklava, known as serbet / sherbet also prepares very carefully by anatolian baklava chefs. We send your orders with from Istanbul’s Best Baklava Stores with express shipping worldwide. To keep it’s freshness, we pack your daily baklava, carefully and gently.