Turkish Coffee Pot

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Turkish Coffee Pot name Cezve (pronounced “ jezz-va” ) in Turkish.

We offer the best quality coffee pots to you, which are made from copper. Copper conducts heat perfectly. That’s why copper is a perfect material for cooking.

There are several sizes of coffee pots. Using a Turkish coffee maker for daily needs, you can choose different kinds of pots. Some are for 1 or 2 cups size and some are for family size. There are various types of Turkish coffee pots set on the market.

Our Turkish coffee pot coppers are thick enough, at least 1 mm; which is twice as thick as others products, that look the same as ours.

Some of our pots even have a 2 mm thickness. Thick copper holds heat longer for better cooking and brewing. Also, it is more durable and can be used for many years.

Heat can melt down thin copper easily. Thinly made coffee cups will develop a hole and start to leak in a short time.

Making a Turkish coffee pot

Making a coffee pot needs skilled craftsmanship. Also, pots that are made by unskillful artisans are prone to a leak from the side where the wooden or copper handle is attached.

As Grand Turkish Bazaar, we have a very large selection of the Best Turkish coffee pots, which are made by experienced artisans all over Turkey. With a little care, our coffee maker can provide you with many years of service and pleasure.

Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

All of our Turkish coffee pots are made with copper and are 100% lead-free.

Handles, attached to our coffee pots are turned on a lathe, stained individually, and attached to our pots with a brass connector to ensure that it is leak-free usage for many years. We also check that handles do not wobble and are attached securely.

After making our pots, like all other copper cookware, coffee pots are coated with tin inside over copper, which is a healthy metal that is required by our bodies. However, tin is not cheap and some manufacturers may mix lead inside. Our products use only 100% lead-free tin inside coffee pots.

Each pot is wrapped carefully with protectors before shipment so that you will get them in perfect condition.

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