Benefits of Mesir Paste

Mesir Paste, also known as mesir macunu is a herbal mix. Which is a tradition coming from Ottoman Empire. It was first made in 15th century as a medicine by Merkez Efendi. We have searched for the benefits of the mesir paste that has been healing for 474 years.

Still, Mesir Paste is a popular healing and healthcare and strenghth mix in Turkey. Also believed that it has aphrodisiac effect on men. It is served in jars or in little bars.

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The traditions of the centuries, the benefits of the spices found in every deep-seated pastry paste for the human body.

These are the definitions for some of the herbs in Mesir Paste;

Mesir Paste

Anise: It has an appetizing effect.

Indigo: Used in the treatment of mumps.

Çöpcün: Used in eczema treatment.

Çörekotu: There is a gas expelling effect.

Dar-ı fülfül: Increases body heat and cuts dry cough at the same time.

Mustard seed: It is an appetizing effect used in the problem of loss of appetite.

Havelan: It saves the odor to a great extent.

Hiyarşenbe: It is useful for the problem of constipation. Used as a laxative.

Coconut and five bases: Drinking tea like boiling alleviates stomach aches.

Indian strawberry: It makes it easier to digest.

Cardamom: It gives appetite and flavor when you join the foods.

Kalbarda: Stomach pain relieves.

Black pepper: cuts cough immediately.

Carnation: It is good for toothache and relieves mouth odor.

Kebabiye: It is used in respiratory diseases and urinary tract infections.

Cumin: It has a gas-stripping effect and an appetizing effect

Crimean tartar: Used in inflammatory skin diseases.

Coriander: It opens the gas and opens the appetite.

Meyan balı: Has a coughing effect.

Orange peel: Mideyi warns ..

Revan’s root: Used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Saffron: Eliminates multiplicity

Gum: It comforts the midi.

Cinnamon: It is an individual to the pain of the abdomen and the scab.

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